We are a member of Worldwide Opportunities On Organic Farms http://www.wwoofusa.org and love to host wwoofers. If you would like to join us for a few weeks or months please read the details carefully before emailing us.

whitneyWhitney and her extraordinarily straight cucumber

When can I come and stay and for how long? Anytime during the season: March – late October. Minimum stays are 2 weeks.

What kind of work will I be expected to do? Wwoofers do a minimum of 24 hours work on the farm per week. There is a plenty of physical work outdoors and Wwoofers should be willing to do a lot of weeding, harvesting and other repetitive tasks. We are primarily an education centre so the opportunities for learning are endless…If you wish to engage in sustainable and natural agricultural practices – this is the place for you!

leighLeigh in her planting element

What can I do in my spare time?

Yoga/meditation and natural foods cooking classes may take place from time to time as well as discussions on sustainable farming issues. We like to create an atmosphere to support people’s goals in these areas, if they wish. There are opportunities for finding part time paid work for those who need income. The island is known for its natural beauty and outdoor activities such as kayaking and whale watching. There is no shortage of exploring to do on your days off. www.visitsanjuans.com/what-to-do

seaweedWwoofers harvesting seaweed in one of the world’s most beautiful bays

What about accommodation… 

We host two or three Wwoofers at a time on our property – a 15 minutes cycle ride from the farm. A tent and platform is available in a small meadow and/or use an airstream trailer for sleeping, kitchen and shower. There are fire pits and a clay oven for those who love outdoor cooking. We have bicycles for Wwoofers to use and there is no need to bring a car. The town of Friday Harbor is three miles away. Internet access is available. We have a small library of books on related topics that guests are welcome to browse.


and food?

Wwoofers may take their pick of veggies from the garden and we will provide all the essential and basic foods such as grains, spices and cooking oils. We all cook and eat lunch together at the farm and the occasional evening meal. We love to prepare and share gourmet treats!

sam ovenSam and Gary building our cob pizza oven

How do I apply?

If you would like to be a Good Earth Wwoofer, please check this website to gain a sense of the kind of organic no-till practices we are engaged in and read about the One Straw Revolution by Masanobu Fukuoka.

Then email us at goodearthcentre@gmail.com and tell us a little bit about yourself: Past work experience, where you are from, where you currently live, your age and any health issues we should be aware of. And give an indication of when you would like to come and for how long. We will follow up with a telephone interview, so please include your phone number and good times to reach you. We are available to talk on the phone in the evenings after 5pm

Please note that drugs and excessive alcohol use are not acceptable at Good Earth.


We look forward to hearing from you!

From the visitors book:

Given the opportunity of focusing on one major task/objective (cover-cropping) was a real blessing. It allowed me the space to contemplate the intricate systems working symbiotically in nature, from the micro-organisms to the birds and trees – everything has its place – everything has a purpose. No component or aspect – in nature, gardening and all of life, is more or less important than any other. Each new experience, negative or positive, seems to correlate psychologically and spiritually to where I’m at in life. Gary and Amy are inspiring in their way of life and their intentions are admirable. I am so gracious to have had this opportunity. Janos, October 2013


Thank you for opening your home to me. My brief stay at Good Earth was centering, therapeutic and rejuvenating. I’ve read so many articles on no-till, and the concept seems so intuitive, but there is no feeling quite like stepping into your garden during harvest – the land speaks for itself; this stuff works. I am thankful you two are out here, living in alignment with your beliefs, providing a shining example to all those who would doubt. Your generosity and willingness to teach those who seek is unparalleled. I’ve been on many a farm and none are so genuine as you. I am lucky to have been able to bear witness. May your summers be long and warm, may your well be perpetually full. Edith, August 2013


Ohhhh to wander these woods, ride through meadows, watch the clouds, feel Mother Moon. Amy & Gary, my farm mother and father, the universe (and I) thank you deeply. For all your wise words, heartfelt intentions, deep gazes and belly laughs. You two are just beautiful! Deep gratitude for opening your world to me. I have learned much in all realms. Paige, August 2013


I came here with the simple intention of learning how to garden and am now walking away with that knowledge and so much more! I am inspired by the conscious and passionate way that you lead your lives. I am forever thankful that our paths crossed. I will see you and this beautiful island again soon. Kait, July 2013


Thank you for creating an environment for me to be myself in. To learn, ask questions and explore my own nature. A home away from home. Wishing you a happy and healthy life. Lee, July 2013


Over the month I have experienced amazing relationships to the community. Fellow Wwoofers, hosters and the earth. I strongly appreciate your hospitality, your openess and above all your willingness to teach newcomers how to connect with nature and themselves. I wish I could stay longer! I will always think of this place in my dreams. Thank you for introducing Fukuoka style/thought into my life. I know his teachings along with yours will help guide me to my right path. Mikaela, June 2013

michaela 2

To say the past few weeks have been life-changing would be an over-simplification, since we have been preparing to immerse ourselves in no-till farming and natural living after reading One Straw some months ago. However, the time we have spent working with you has transformed what was purely intellectual musings into practical knowledge (through challenges, triumphs and magical moments). Thank you for opening your lives and home to us. Will be looking forward to keeping in touch as the time passes! I hope that future Wwooing experiences (both yours and ours) will feel as blessed as this past one. Isaac, June 2013


Thank you both so much for giving Isaac and I our first taste of no-till farming and holistic living. I have learned so much even in this short time. Planting tomatoes, celery, squash, beans and greens… learning to weed mindfully… learning how to prepare a bed… how to harvest… the list goes on. I will always remember trying to wrangle the stray goats, cob pizza night, yoga with Gary and the many great conversations about farming, mindful living and the world today. I know we will put this knowledge to good use in the years and gardens to come. Sarah, June 2013


Gary & Amy, its been wonderful living and working with you over the past couple weeks. You are warm-hearted, open and thoughtful people and I am so glad to have encountered you here. Your quest to develop soil on this mountain top rising out of the sea is very noble. Thanks for all the lessons in gardening and patience. I hope we meet again. Peter, April 2013


Thank you both so much for an enlightening and healing month in you home. I am deeply grateful for all the lessons and hospitality you showed me. I will always treasure my time here. See you again soon! Whitney, August 2012

whitney dill harvest

Thank you all so much for your hospitality, friendship and your kindness over the past month. I’ll appreciate all of our moments of sincere openness that you offered me for the rest of my life, even though my time with you was fleeting. Good luck with your garden Gary and Amy. Brad, August 2012


Thanks for teaching us how to work on a sweet ‘no-till’ farm! The produce was amazing! Maybe we’ll see you next summer. We even grew some of our own zucs. Keep up the good fight… Matt & Kelsey, September 2012

Matt Kelsey