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30 minute edited video featuring our SARE funded Organic No-Till experiment, with demonstrations and presentations by Gary Miller, Amy Plant, Larry Korn, Andy Bary & Doug Collins

Organic No-till for Vegetable Production Workshop March 8th 2014

“Thank You! Very beautiful and rich and generous presentation experience; very much appreciate the time and work that obviously went in. I feel enlightened.”

cover for powerpoint

This was the final workshop held as part of our SARE funded research project and it included details of the findings of our field research. You can download pdfs of each section of the power point presentation here:

science cover pageClick here to download Intro and Science pdf

transitioning cover pageClick here to download Transitioning to No Till.pdf

Cover cropping cover pageClick here to download Cover Cropping pdf

bed prep cover pageClick here to download Bed Preparation pdf

managing weeds coverClick here to download Managing Weeds pdf

experiment results cover pageClick here to download Experiment Results and Bibliography pdf