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May 2012


Work in the garden in exchange for veggies… thank you David! Yes, those arugula flowers are fragrant and spicy…


Intern Kirsten and mentor Gary, get to grips with hand tools and no-till bed prep…


Prize Pac Choi is a definitely a winner… found these wonder open-pollinated seeds from Siskiyou Seeds at the special Organic Seed Alliance Seed Saving Conference. A great place to meet like-minded people and learn about all things seedy… from the practical to the political.

Happy May Day!

A few pictures from our early spring season….

Kirsten’s first harvest… We’re very happy to be joined by our new intern Kirsten Muckler

…who has become a scything sensation….

…mowing our cover crops… much of which are beautiful flowering mustard greens and red nettles that bees and other pollinators have been feasting on

We’re mastering the art of no-till bed preparation, using a new tool of Gary’s own invention – a kind of hybrid of pick and hoe that gently skims with minimal soil disturbance – more about this later!

We’re saving the strongest of the winter kale and beets for new seed stock.

While we’re excited to see our heirloom tomato seeds, saved from last year, have grown into thriving young plants.

We’ve given our leeks and onions great opportunities for the roots to grow long and strong… here the bottom of the seed-boxes were removed and placed on the ground to allow the leek roots to go further

and the onions seeds were sown in extra-deep boxes before planting out.

The spring weather has given us days from all the seasons….

…. but its been a fantastic start for this beautiful garden.