Winter 2013/14

snow carrotsOur SARE experiment carrots are keeping us going throughout the winter months. A hard November frost meant the loss of our greens.

carrot harvestHarvesting is done using a spading fork, but without lifting the soil –  minimizing soil disturbance.

marketThey are a big hit at the winter farmers market and Food Coop

carrot compareOne thing we are noticing with these late season carrots in the difference in size and shape… the one on the left is a no-till carrot. The one on the right is from the tilled bed.

soil bucketIts time to take our last soil samples from the four experiment beds…

soil samplesWe are testing for caton exchange, organic matter and nutrients such as phosphorous and potassium. Other factors we will be analyzing for our experiment results include yields, hours of labor, worm count, moisture content and temperature.

mulch in barrowThese late season beds missed out on all the cover cropping we did in October, so we’re covering them with mulch generated from the garden to protect the soil.

mulch on bed

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