August 2013

carrot damageAn interesting development in the experiment beds… we are noticing a lot of damage from rust fly and wire worms in the tilled bed. Significantly more than the no-till bed. So it looks like our overall yields will be higher in the no-till bed. Its strange that tillage is often recommended as a pest control! Clearly in our case, tilling has disturbed a natural eco-system that would normally contain predators for these pests.

edie beansThe garden is looking abundant…  our wwoofer, Edie took these beautiful photos

edie brassicas edie cabbages edie carrots edie sunflower edie view 2 edie view edie zuc edieThanks Edie!

marketWe have tons of gorgeous produce for market… for our first time inside the new Brickworks building in town.

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