Cob Oven Building

Gary has built several earth ovens in India – but isn’t it time we had one at home? Having Sam here, a wwoofer who is keen to learn more about cob building, was a good excuse to get started.

oven 1

1. A sturdy foundation was created using bricks and a portland cement/sand mix. The wire was used to form it up.

oven 2

2. Sand, clay (found on our property) and straw…


… mixed together to form the actual oven.

oven 4

oven 6

3. A sand form is created to make a mold. A wooden block helps shape the front opening.

oven 5

4. The clay/sand/straw mix is then applied thickly around the sand and a chimney hole is made on top.

oven complete

5. When dry and firm, Gary and Sam removed the sand and placed paving slabs on the inside and at the front creating a smooth surface.

oven panther

Panther inspects while we wait for another coat of clay to dry. Can’t wait for that first pizza!

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